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  • Support systemic balance in the male reproductive system
  • Maintain healthy circulation responsible for supporting healthy, strong erections
  • Support healthy, pleasurable routine ejaculation
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Maintain healthy sexual arousal, drive and desire
  • Maintain healthy levels of sexual energy and routine stamina
  • Support the male reproductive and hormonal systems
  • Alleviate anxiety caused by problems in sexual performance
  • Symptomatic Relief for problems associated with Enlarged Prostate



  • No side effects
  • No hormones
  • 100 % natural
  • Non-addictive
  • Can be taken with other drugs


Powerwhite  DIRECTION: 1st month take 4 drops 'under the tongue’ or 4 drops

  in 1 teaspoon of water 4 times a day. 

  2nd and 3rd month - 4 drops 'under the tongue’ or 4 drops in 1 teaspoon of

  water 2 times a day.

  Remedy must be taken 30 min prior or after a meal. 


  RECOMMENDED COURSE - 3 months (60 ml).

  POWER+ works more effectively if the schedule of intake for the second

and the third months is developed individually. For the individual schedule of intake

you can always contact us at:


telephone: 1-256-333-0103

email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


POWER+ is a homeopathic remedy. Like all homeopathic remedies, POWER+

primarily affects the causes of erectile dysfunction (impotence), and not just its

symptoms. Time is needed to allow a human organism with the help of the  

POWER+ to "softly" rebuild itself and to achieve full recovery.


POWER+ contains:


  • Deficiency of sexual power
  • The syndrome of anxious waiting of sexual failure
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) as a result of fright




This remedy was known in ancient Greece. Mentioned by Homer, Hippocrates,

Galen and described by Dioscorides in detail. This plant was used by the Athenian

women during religious ceremonies, while they adorned themselves with flowers

Agnus in celebration of the goddess Demeter. According to Dioscorides, Ibn Sina

had widely used Agnus.

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • An unusually strong desire accompanied by a lack of an erection
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Frequent urination




Damiana is a famous aphrodisiac plant that grows in Mexico. Grass and flowers are

used since prehistoric times by the residents of northern Mexico in medicine and

as a part of the drinks fanning the passion of love. Missionary Juan María de

Salvatierra in the Chronica in 1699 first described the use of Damiana by the North

American Indians and its aphrodisiac properties. The first botanical description of

Damiana belongs to an Austrian botanist J.A. Schultes in 1820. The plant is used

in American and Mexican pharmacy during the 19th century and was first

introduced to Europe in 1880. Since the late '60s – it is a "legal psychedelic" and

substitute for tobacco and marijuana. The inventor of Coca Cola, Dr. J.S.

Pemberton, shortly before the introduction of "Prohibition" was inspired by "Mariani

Wine" to create a tonic called "French wine coca". In addition to the extracts of coca

and cola nuts, this beverage contained wine and an extract of Damiana.

  • Diminished erectile function
  • Decreased libido
  • Improves mental and emotional tone
  • Prostate diseases




Conium as a medicinal plant was already known in the V century BC. It was used in

the I century BC to treat many diseases (according to Ibn Sina). In the XVIII century,

it is widely used by Shterk in Austria, and in the XIX century by Harley in England.

  • Strong sexual desire with partial or complete inability to perform a sexual act
  • Diminished erectile function connected to an old age
  • Painful erection
  • Decreased sexual energy
  • Involuntary ejaculation
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Difficulty urinating and frequent urination



  • Enlarged prostate
  • Frequent urination
  • Involuntary ejaculation
  • Inability to get an erection accompanied by a severe depression
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) in young people caused by the long periods of frequent masturbation or sexual excesses
  • Impotence in the elderly - with a strong sexual desire and also decrease or lack of sexual desire



  • Increase low testosterone levels
  • Helps when someone is experiencing a decrease or absence of sexual desire
  • Decrease of the erectile function.



  • Enlargement of the prostate
  • Absence of sexual desire
  • Lack of erection
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) as a consequence of chronic fatigue
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) due to prolonged use of tonic remedies and psychoactive drugs




The fruits of Saw Palmetto have become well known for their ability to stimulate

male libido and increase sexual energy. Recent studies by European scientists

have proved that the Saw Palmetto is effective in the treatment of a variety of male

problems. The study discovered that an extract of Saw Palmetto serrate can reduce

prostate size by almost 13 percent.

  • Enhances sexual function and enhances the attraction, while lowering blood levels of cholesterol and fatty acids
  • Painful erections
  • Decreased erectile function
  • Enlargement of the prostate
  • Frequent urination at night
  • Sexual neurasthenia




The research evidence suggests that deficiency of the Selenium micro-nutrient

increases the probability of male infertility, since Selenium has a strong protective

effect in relation to sperm and also ensures their mobility. In patients with Benign

Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) there is a serious problem of Selenium deficiency.

  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) with erotic thoughts and sexual desire without an erection and an erection without desire
  • Incomplete erection during sexual intercourse
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Irritable behavior after a sexual intercourse
  • Lack of sexual desire



  • Sexual neurasthenia as well as a noticeable decrease or lack of sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction



Yohimbine is a unique bio-stimulant whose principal function is to restore potency

in men suffering from sexual disorders. The effect of this remedy is caused by the

unique properties of the bark of the African Yohimbe tree. Thanks to these

properties, the remedy is able to alleviate erectile dysfunction, to activate

adrenergic neurons of the central nervous system, increasing the central exchange

of norepinephrine.

  • Stimulates the activity of the ganglia of the spinal cord that control erection
  • Increases blood flow to the pelvic organs as well as stimulates the activity of the ganglia of the spinal cord that control erection
  • Relive conditions created by the inactivity of the prostate
  • Decreased erectile function as well as conditions brought upon by the lack of sexual desire and sexual neurasthenia
  • Frequent urination and erectile dysfunctions (impotence) due to the high stress levels


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